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The Brazilian Family Law Institute (IBDFAM) was created on October 25, 1997, in Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, during the 1st Brazilian Family Law Congress.

Currently, the IBDFAM has reached the registration number of 14,000. Among the members we have, among others, lawyers, social workers, public defenders, judges, students, prosecutors, psychoanalysts and psychologists, lawyers from Brazil and abroad.

The institute is a non-profit technical-scientific entity whose objective is to develop and disseminate knowledge about Family Law, as well as acting as a representative force in the issues related to Brazilian families.

Since its foundation, this institute has been working to tailor treatment to the diversity and specific demands that come to the courts.

The institute has its representations consolidated through state sections and the Federal District.


Throughout the national territory

IBDFAM is present in all Brazilian states and the Federal District, and its headquarters is in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. In the political field, this entity follows the demands of the Brazilian society in relation to Family Law, contributing through projects, works, reflections and changes in the law.

In political action, the institution proposed a Constitutional Amendment (PEC 37/2007) that changed the conditions for divorce. In 2010, this amendment was approved in the National Congress as Constitutional Amendment 66/2010, which closed the judicial separation as a precondition for divorce. It also eliminated unnecessary deadlines and removed the discussion of guilty persons at the end of conjugality.

In its academic-technical interventions, IBDFAM recycles and updates the professionals of Family Law through publications (IBDFAM Magazine - Family and Succession, IBDFAM Magazine, Newsletter), website, and several regular seminars and congresses in all regions of the country that make an important contribution to the reflection and maturation of family relations.


The IBDFAM actively participates in the discussions that affect the destinies of the Brazilian society in the area of ​​Family Law, with initiatives in the Judiciary, Executive and Legislative branches, as well as in the press.


  • To promote, in an interdisciplinary way, studies, researches, discussions and campaigns on family and inheritance law.

  • Disseminate knowledge about Family Law for all its members and for society.

  • Maintain permanent exchange of knowledge with national and international entities related to Family Law.

IBDFAM products

The magazine "IBDFAM Families and Successions"

  • The magazine "IBDFAM Families and Successions" is one of the leading legal journals on Families and Succession in Latin America. Available in both print and digital versions, it presents relevant approaches to support the work of legal professionals seeking permanent professional updating with the best content available. It also shows commented decisions, theses, foreign contributions, bibliographic reviews, legal opinions, summaries of jurisprudence and normative acts.

  • The editorial staff of this publication is Ana Carla Harmatiuk Matos, Flávio Tartuce, Giselda M. F. Novaes Hironaka, João Aguirre, Marcos Ehrhardt Júnior, Maria Berenice Dias, Paulo Luiz Netto Lôbo, Rodrigo da Cunha Pereira and Rolf Madaleno. The scientific council is composed of Aída Kemmermajer of Carlucci (Argentina), Cecília Grosman (Argentina), Enrique Varsi Rospigliosi (Peru), Euclides Oliveira (Brazil), Francesco D. Busnelli (Italy), Francisco Cahali (Brazil), Giselle Groeninga Brazil), Gustavo José Mendes Tepedino (Brazil), Jorge Duarte Pinheiro (Portugal), Michael R. Will (Switzerland), Paulo Lins e Silva (Brazil), Sílvio de Salvo Venosa (Brazil), Tânia da Silva Pereira Zeno Veloso (Brazil).
    Order your subscription. For futher information www.revistaibdfam.com.br 


IBDFAM web portal

With a nice layout and tools that simplify and facilitate navigation, knowledge about Family Law is presented in an accessible and dynamic way. The portal offers news, scientific and opinion articles, jurisprudence, events agenda, press room, among others. It brings together members through interactivity and virtual communication.

Informative magazine IBDFAM
IBDFAM informative magazine The magazine brings together ample content on Family Law, with analysis of the most relevant themes, special articles, interviews. This magazine circulates continuously for 14 years - with changes in its course - in all Brazilian states and is sent to the members. It is a search source for lawyers, social workers, public defenders, judges, students, prosecutors, psychoanalysts and psychologists, legal professionals.


The Board of Directors and state representatives promote events. Among these, we can highlight the Brazilian Congress of Family Law, which is biennial.

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